7th Annual Cooking Up Dreams Fundraising Campaign

Presented by

Marni & Michael Cooney and Tania & John Burke

Thank you to everyone for participating in our Cooking Up Dreams fundraiser. Your contribution benefits many of the restaurants that have supported us in the past.

While our event is over, you can still donate to raise funds for critical mental health counseling and family support services provided by Family Service Agency, Santa Maria Valley Youth & Family Center and Little House by the Park. 

 The winners of our drawing are…

00004 C’est Cheese
00005 Blue Water
00007 C’est Cheese
00009 Hitching Post
00013 Sb Winery
00016 Blue Water
00020 Boathouse
00023 Southside Coffee
00034 Via Maestra
00042 MVG
00047 Valley Juice
00048 Wild West Pizza
00055 Rincon Beach Bar
00058 Renaud’s
00063 Renaud’s
00068 Industrial Eats
00071 Lark
00075 Rincon Beach Bar
00077 Papa Napolis
00082 Rincon Beach Bar
00095 Papa Napolis
00098 Blue Water
00108 Shaw’s
00111 Convivo
00114 Outpost
00116 South Side Coffee
00120 Trattoria Ulivetos
00123 Outpost
00124 Industrial Eats
00125 MVG
00130 Rincon Beach Bar
00135 Industrial Eats
00137 MVG
00141 Nimitas Cuisine
00149 Via Meastra
00154 Nimitas Cuisine
00155 Clementines
00174 Boathouse
00180 Pane e Vino
00181 Wild West Pizza
00182 Convivo
00188 Lark
00196 Pan E Vino
00200 SB Winery
00205 Pane E Vino
00210 Montecito Village Grocery
00216 Aj Spurs
00220 Trattoria Ulivetos
00224 C’est Cheese
00240 Shaw’s
00241 Pane e vino
00244 Outpost
00245 SB Winery
00247 Aj Spurs
00248 Industrial Eats
00253 Rincon Beach Bar
00254 Boathouse

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Family Service Agency’s work would not be possible without your generous support.

Union Bank
CenCal Health
Price Postel Parma LLP
Santa Maria Times/Lompoc Record
CenCal Health
Montecito Village Grocery
Price Postel Parma LLP
7th Annual Cooking Up Dreams: Recipes for a brighter Future

Union Bank

Ginny & Tim Bliss
Zora & Les Charles
Home Improvement Center & Gary Simpson
Carole MacElhenny
John & Jill Bishop
Tisha Ford

Maureen Harmon
Sandy & Dave Nordahl
Jane & Fred Sweeney
Liz & Andrew Butcher
Maryan Schall
Steve & Lupe Buhr
Santa Maria Times/ Lompoc Record

Lisa Brabo
CenCal Health
Tricia & Craig Price
Rod Durham
Jim & Chana Jackson
James & Mary Morouse
SEIU Local 620
Price, Postel & Parma
Santa Barbara Independent
Andrew Wilson

Montecito Village Grocery
Katya Armistead
Sybil Rosen
David & Diane Black
Kathy O’Leary
David & Jeanne Hoffman
Bill & Jean Howard
Chuck & Teressa Johnes
Jeff & Colette Becker
Bruce & Cathy Milner
Victoria & Mark Eaton
Ameriprise Advisor Group
Robin Doell-Sawaske
Roberta Heter
Robert Janeway
Emily & Mark Rogers
Southside Coffee Co.
Judi Nishimori & Richard Ellis