Board Of Directors

Family Service Agency has an active, all-volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders who generously contribute their time, leadership and expertise to guide FSA. Standing Committees address critical and strategic “big picture” issues by providing oversight and evaluation of the Agency’s programmatic and fiduciary operations. Family Service Agency also assembles Ad Hoc Task Forces and Work Groups when an emerging issue impacts our operation.

Robin Doell Sawaske, Co-President
Terri Zuniga, Co-President
Jane Santos Sweeney, VP / Program
Marni Cooney, Co-VP / Development & Marketing
Edward Galanski, Co-VP / Development & Marketing
Rod Durham, Co-Treasurer
Molly Carrillo-Walker, Co-Treasurer
Tricia Price, Secretary

Marisol Alarcon, J.D.
Mario Barfield, Psy.D.
Paula Grand-Place
Robert Janeway
Mark Muller
Linda Sessler
Andrew R. Wilson
Ryan Zick, J.D.

Honorary Directors

Honorary Directors are past Board members who have been elected by the Board unanimously due to their outstanding service to Family Service Agency. They continue to help lead and direct the Agency’s efforts by serving on committees and through their attendance and contributions at Board meetings.

Ghita Ginberg
Shirley Ann Hurley

Past Presidents Council

The Past Presidents Council recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions of leadership and service as Presidents of Family Service Agency’s Board of Directors. Council members continue their involvement with FSA through various activities.

Cole Kinney
Roberta Heter
Stephanie Wilson
Kathy O’Leary
Stephen Allyn
Marni Cooney
John Free
Beverly Hartman King
Mark B. Lee
Gail McMahon Persoon
Patricia L. Reid
Sybil Rosen