Youth & Family Behavioral Health

FSA provides a wide array of mental health counseling services for children, youth, adults and families. These services result in positive, long-term improvements for overall quality of life, decreasing the likelihood of high-risk behaviors, and for students, improving academic success.

Youth and Family Behavioral Health counseling professionals specialize in childhood issues including anxiety, depression, and behavior problems. FSA staff utilize play therapy methods when working with younger children. Some of our service costs are covered through our contracts with county agencies. We work with other clients to determine a fee they can afford.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment program in Santa Maria supports adolescents and their families through counseling, treatment, training and interventions.

For families facing difficult issues like substance abuse or neglect, our Intensive In-Home Therapy team is specially trained in non-traditional counseling practices. Our goal is to prevent out of home placement such as juvenile hall and foster care.

For information on any of these programs, please contact the following offices:

123 W. Gutierrez St.
(805) 965-1001

101 South B St.
(805) 735-4376

105 North Lincoln St.
805.928.1707 Ext. 132