School Outreach Consultants


Funded by the Santa Maria Bonita school district, the Outreach Consultant Program is an on-site school service designed to address the needs of individual schools. Services include community liaison services, effective domain classroom presentations, short term student counseling, parent interventions, advocacy and referral. Outreach Consultants are on every Kindergarten through 8th grade campus in the Santa Maria Bonita school district. The programs started in four schools and now operates on 20 campuses.

The Outreach Consultants provide effective education in the classroom focusing on the development of self-esteem, peer relationships, problem-solving, anger management, and conflict resolution skills. Mentoring activities (cross-age tutoring, career day, adopt-a-school) provide positive role models for the students. The goals are part of the community. When this is accomplished, students will be less likely to prematurely end their schooling and are more likely to fulfill their potential.

The Santa Maria Valley Youth and Family Center has a long history of providing services to children in local school. Currently we are working with Santa Maria/Bonita to serve students referred to on-campus counselors. The Youth and Family Center provides a range of services to the schools including individual and group counseling as well as services to parents when possible.

For more information, please contact:

Gail Burgess, M.Ed.  PPS
Program Manager, Outreach Consultant