The pandemic affects us all. Family Service Agency (FSA) of Santa Barbara County, also known as Santa Maria Valley Youth and Family Center and Guadalupe’s Little House By The Park, wants to remind you that there are ways you can boost your frame of mind, even during the stay-at-home order.

  1. Step outside. Breathe some fresh air and try to get 15 minutes of sunshine to boost your vitamin D and immune health.
  2. Indulge your guilty pleasure. Read a book, binge watch a TV series, soak in the bath—allow yourself to take some time to relax without feeling guilty.
  3. Call an old friend or relative. Surprise someone with a good old-fashioned phone call and catch up on shared memories.
  4. Give back. Doing something for others can boost your feeling of productivity and improve your outlook. Make a meal for a senior living alone in your neighborhood. Or explore volunteer opportunities at one of many local nonprofits, such as Foodbank, CommUnify, or Community Partners in Caring.
  5. Be purposefully grateful. Even in difficult times such as these, we can all find something in our lives to be grateful for: the love of family and friends, our beautiful surroundings, or the comfort of our home.
  6. Seek Assistance. If you feel overwhelmed, it is okay to reach out for help from a trained mental health professional. Family Service Agency provides telehealth counseling for people of all ages.

Parents and teachers can refer students to our school-based counseling programs.  Parents can also get helpful tips and strategies through our parent coaching program or the Parenting in a Pandemic virtual workshops.

Seniors and their caregivers can receive individual counseling or group support from our Senior Mental Health and Caregiver Support services.

If we can’t serve you through one of our programs, we can help connect you to one of the many other programs offered in your community.