Parenting Coaching

Free and confidential parenting and relationship support 

Even under the best circumstances, parenting and relationships can be tremendously difficult to navigate. During times of stress and uncertainty, it is even more crucial to actively engage in self-care and seek support to promote your own wellness and enhance resiliency. Family Service Agency’s parent coaches are experienced educators trained in parenting curricula and healthy relationship education.

Parents who are looking for solutions to every day parenting problems, can call or email the parent coach in their area.

Through compassionate listening and gentle guidance, the Parent Coach will
✓ Listen without judgement
✓ Understand your unique parenting journey
✓ Navigate challenges to explore nurturing solutions
✓ Build your confidence
✓ Expand your coping strategies through mindfulness and self-soothing techniques
✓ Improve communication with your family
✓ Suggest ways to build connections through play
✓ Discuss developmental milestones and address concerns
✓ Promote deeper connections with your child(ren) and partner
✓ Connect you to community services and supports

What to expect when you call:

  • The parent coach will ask questions to learn more about you and understand your situation.
  • You are invited to share as much or as little personal information as feels comfortable.
  • The parent coach will offer suggestions tailored to your family’s needs, including activities to try at home (e.g., establishing routines, communication strategies, and sensory activities for young children).
  • You talk via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, or other application that you prefer.
  • You may contact a parent coach as often as needed.
  • If you need additional resources that the parent coach is unable to provide, they may redirect you to other community support systems.


Meet Our Coaching Team

The Parent Coaching warm-line is open from
9-5 pm Monday-Friday.  Calls will be responded to within 24-48 hours.

This warm-line is not intended for crisis calls.  If you are in crisis, refer to these crisis hotlines.

    • Call 911 for emergencies.
    • Domestic Violence Solutions: 805-963-4458 or text “CONNECT” to 741741
    • Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (STESA):
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


Parent Coach Vanessa Connors (English line)Vanessa Connors
(English line)
(805) 680-5345

Through various career experiences, Vanessa has helped families create stronger and healthier relationships. She enjoys working with families to expand on their strengths and create a healthy, nurturing, and enjoyable home life. As a Family Relationships Educator, she provides parents with essential tools to create a thriving home environment. Currently, Vanessa is enjoying mindfulness and positive life practices that are helping her stay grounded during this challenging time.

Parent Coach Lourdes Rodriguez (Spanish line) Lourdes Rodriguez
(Spanish line)
(805) 335-0126

Lourdes Rodriguez is a Family Support Service Curriculum Specialist who has worked for Family Service Agency since 2005. Lourdes builds confidence and enhances parent-child relationships to improve a family’s quality of life. She is ready to provide an attentive ear to parents as they fulfill the demanding job of parenting. It is a pleasure for her to work with families that would benefit with techniques and tools to be a loving parent.

Santa Barbara

Parent Educator Veronica Lopez (English line)Veronica Lopez
(English line)
(805) 868-0160

Veronica Lopez has worked with families in Santa Barbara for over 10 years. As a Family Relationship Educator, she uses evidence-based curricula with a focus on individual strengths to teach healthy relationship and parenting skills. Veronica’s hope is to equip parents with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome stress and help them provide a nurturing environment for their children.

Parent Educator Ana Ochoa (Spanish line)Ana Ochoa
(Spanish line)
(805) 680-0438

Ana is a Bilingual Family Educator who has worked in the education field for twenty years. Ana believes that the objective of a family educator is to enrich and improve the quality of individual and family life. As a family educator, she uses diverse teaching strategies to model how families can achieve closer, happier and healthier relationships.

Santa Maria

Parent Educator Karen Pinon (English line)Karen Piñón
(English line)
(805) 868-9246

Karen Piñón has worked for FSA/SMVYFC for 4 years, gaining knowledge in different areas working with students to parents. Karen is a strong believer in holistic and strength-based approaches. She will create strategies that fit you where you are now and provide resources for any needs through our agency or out in the community. Karen has enjoyed spending time with her dog and listening to audiobooks.

Parent Educator Esmeralda Velasco (Spanish line)Esmeralda Velasco
(Spanish line)
(805) 319-5027



Esmeralda has worked in the education and social services industry for over 20 years. She facilitates parenting and family and couples relationship classes, in English and Spanish in Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Los Alamos, and in the fall, she will also be serving the community of Guadalupe.