Housing for the Harvest Santa Barbara County

Housing for the Harvest

Housing for the Harvest is a program that provides a safe place to isolate or quarantine for workers in the agriculture or food industry who either have or may have COVID-19. It is available to persons who have been directly exposed to COVID-19 by someone else who has tested positive and those who have symptoms and need to take the test right away.

This program helps these workers find free COVID-19 testing and make the appointment, provide transportation and lodging during the isolation or quarantine period when the virus would be contagious, and provide access to financial assistance or other needed resources. Meals, daily wellness checks, and other supports are provided in English, Spanish or Mixteco languages.

Housing for the Harvest Isolation and Quarantine Includes:

    • A room to stay during the contagious period of the virus
    • Three nutritious meals a day
    • Safe transportation
    • Wellness checks daily

If you are or know an agricultural worker who needs a safe place to be cared for while isolating, quarantining, or waiting for a test or test result due to COVID-19, or for more information about this program and how you can prevent the spread of COVID-19, please contact us today.

CONTACT us at (805) 325-5341
Participants won’t be asked about immigration status.

This program is provided in partnership with:

California Department of Food & Agriculture
California Department of Public Health
Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health