Intensive In-Home/HOPE

The Intensive In-Home (IIH) and HOPE Programs are both therapeutic programs based primarily in the home. The IIH Program serves children and their families who are enrolled in the Santa Maria Children’s Mental Health Clinic and the HOPE Program focuses on children who are in placement; i.e., foster care, relative guardian, or a non-related family member. Both programs’ primary focus is to stabilize the home and prevent placement disruption.

IIH and HOPE Programs use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help the families and their children. The interventions are focused on evidenced based practices to help decrease problematic behaviors and stabilize the home or placement. We provide caring and compassionate support to our clients as we work with them in their homes. Both programs are short-term (six months); however, if the client has not met the treatment goals the referring agency may approve an extension of our services.

Children’s Services Screener (CSS)
The CSS provides mental health and/or developmental screenings and associated treatment recommendations for children detained by Child Welfare Services or children who have an open case with CWS through voluntary Family Preservation.

Child Welfare Services Intensive In-Home Program (CWS IIH)
The CWS IIH Family Specialist provides intensive in-home therapeutic services to children and their families who have been recently reunited and are under the supervision of the Juvenile Court.

For more information, please contact:

Julia Bÿl, M.A., LMFT #53282
Program Manager  IIH & HOPE Program